In this article, I’ll show you how I solved the OSINT Quiz 002 from Gralhix. I give myself 30 mintues to solve it. Enjoy!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is osint-exercise-002-big-picture.png
  1. Find out the train station’s name in the image.
  2. Measure the tallest building in the image.

Tldr : I found out that the station’s name is Flinders Street Station at Melbourne and the tallest building is the IBM Tower131m/430 ft. However, I got the second question wrong. Despite that, I will leave it as it is for lessons sake.


Find out the train station’s name in the image

I will use Nixintel gap analysis to solve this challenge. For the first question, I need to answer the stations name. The gap analysis is shown by quote block for the sake of readability, but the result and everything else stays the same.

First, I list what I noticed from the image.

  1. Flinders street
  2. Buildings

Then, I think what can I do with those information.

After that, I list up what should I know to answer this.

  • Train station name in the picture

Finally, I can devise a plan to figure it out.

  1. Look up Flinders Street station
  2. Look for buildings to give more context

Result :

The station’s name is Flinders Street Station. I figured it out based on the obvious nameplate that is visible in the image and based on the visual additional visual clues provided by Wikipiedia. Clue 1 , Clue 2

Measure the tallest building in the image.

Now that I figure out the station’s name, I can answer the next question. I need to figure out what is the tallest building in the image, but I need to know what is the tallest building first. To do so, I simply looked at the image for the tallest building.

Based on the visual clues, I choose the building with the black nameplate on the right. IBM? Let’s find out. Then I found the building data on Skyscraper Center. It is IBM Australia or also known as Southgate Tower 1. However, something feels off.

The Realization

Since there is no way to tell if my answer is right like TryHackMe does, I decided to check others’ write up with the intent to correct myself, but I have locked my answer to IBM Tower131m/430 ft. I checked a write up by Johnny Gizmo on Medium. The answer is Focus Building at 166 meters tall.

OSINT Quiz 002 highlighted my problem : I jumped into conclusion. I hyper focused to the IBM tower and forgot to consider another options. Lesson learned : observe more and consider more options.

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